Jackson 648 Improved Tube Tester Manual with Tube Test Data




For sale are reprints of Jackson 648 Tube Tester User Manual and Tube Test Data.

User Manual is 2 pages long, manual was retyped as original was in very bad condition . 70 pages of additional tube data is included. 17 page Special Tube Test Data form SP648/11 dated 5/64, 6 page Data Supplement SP648-2, 18 page Tube Tester Data Supplement to roll 648-34 dated March 1975, 9 page Special Tube Data with 1 page August 1975 supplement. This manual includes many tubes not on tester’s roll chart. Roll Chart 648-33 Dated March 1969 is also now included.

Real Paper Manual. Quality Printed and Comb Bound. Printed from available copy or scanned from original at 800dpi, restored in Photoshop, Laser printed on premium acid free paper, they will serve for years. Cover page printed on Cover Stock.