Hickok 752 Tube Tester Complete Manual with Tube Data +CA4 Data




For sale is reprint of Hickok 752 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester manual. Manual is 17 pages long and includes 11×20″ foldout of Circuit Diagram. Tube Test Data Chart is 74 pages long. Chart Number 3200-324 

Manual comes with 4 pages of Ballast Tube Data, Part list and Operating Instructions. Manual is dated 1958. Includes 8 Page Supplementary Tube Test Data for Obsolete Tube Types and 1 Page Supplement “B”.Also included is 10 page CA4 Test data and 3 page FAA Supplement.  General test data section is 22 pages long, Obsolete tube types is 21 pages long, Foreign tube types section is 25 pages.