Hallicrafters S94 S-94 Mark 1 Receiver Operating Service Instructions




For sale is reprint of Hallicrafters FM Receiver Model S-94 Mark 1 Operating and Service Instructions. Receiver covers 30-50MHz VHF-Lo band. Manual is 6 pages long and includes 11×17″ foldouts of Circuit Diagram.

Manual consists of sections: General Description, Installation, Operation, Service Instructions, and Alignment. Includes Dial Cord stringing diagram and Illustration of Top of the receiver with arrows pointing to every component. “S-94, Ultra-High sensitivity, increased audio power output. Adjustable build-in relay squelch system completely disables entire audio system. Low noise grounded grid RF amplifier. Wide imp. range antenna input for maximum performance. Build-in speaker. 10.7 MHz I.F. Ganged 2 section tuning capacitor. 0-100 Logging scale. 8 Tubes + 1 rectifier.” – Radio Shack Catalog 1962