Precision Tube Tester 920 922 Operating Manual Navy CPF-60057



For sale is reprint Precision Apparatus Company Tube Tester model 920-922 Manual. 19 pages long, Manual comes with Part List and Circuit Diagram. This Manual is for Navy equivalent of 920-922 model CPF-60057. Manual is dated 1940.

Manual consists of 4 sections: Instructions for operating series 920-922 tester 4 Pages long, General operating instructions for testers 910-912-914-915-920-922-954  6 Pages long, Radio set analyzing 5 pages long, Battery testing instructions for testers 910-912-914-915-920-922-954 2 pages long. If you purchased one of those testers from Ebay and it did not come with Manual. Looks like Manual was typed on typewriter and Mimeorgraphed as it was printed one sided. No fancy Typeface Font but manual is clear and readable. I also have 32 page tube test data book in my ebay store.