I-177 I177 Tube Tester Manual plus Tube Test Data




For sale is reprint of TMĀ  11-2627 Tube Tester I-177 manual. Manual is Dated August 1944.

Manual is 62 pages long, Includes Part List, Circuit Diagram and Maintenance Instructions. Section 5-Supplemental Tube data is 29 pages long list of additional tube data. Also Included is Change 1 dated October 1945, 15 pages with additional diagrams, part lists updates and 3 pages of additional tube data. Change 2 dated August 1949, 16 pages with additional photos of inside of tube tester with arrows pointing to parts. Change 3, Dated March 1954 8 pages of diagrams and part numbers. Supplement dated March 1952, 10 pages with additional illustrations, parts identification chart and 8.5×14″ Schematic. In addition I have included reprint of TB 11-2627-2, Tube Test Data cards. 66 pages total ( tube data on pages 5-66), Includes tubes not found in original manual as well as data for using Socket adapter kit MX-949/U. This manual is Almost 200 pages long.