Hallicrafters S-200 5-Band AM Shortwave Radio Receiver Manual




For sale is reprint of Hallicrafters S-200 5-band radio receiver manual. Manual is 8 pages long and includes 3 11″x17″ foldouts of part list, features and controls and of circuit diagram. Manual is dated 1965. 

Manual consists of operating instructions and 2 foldouts with part list and alignment procedure-circuit diagram. “S-200 Legionaire, 5-band single conversion superheterodyne, 4 tubes. Features 1/4″ head jack, built in 4″ speaker, dial lamp, tone control, ferrite MW antenna, covers .54-1.6, 5.9-6.25, 9.45-9.8, 11.65-12.05 and 15.05-15.55 mhz has 455khz if, it is 13.5″ x 8.375″ x 3.75″ has walnut grained vinyl-covered metal cabinet.”