EICO 625 Complete Tube Tester Manual with 1978 Tube Test Data




For sale are reprints of EICO Model 625 Tube Tester User Manual, Construction/Assembly Manual and 75 pages of Tube Test Data.  

User Manual is 8 pages long, Includes part list and Circuit Diagram. Construction manual is 10 pages long, complete with it’s own detailed part list and diagram, very useful for troubleshooting. 2-Page Supplement to chart 625-03 “Seldom used tubes”, 2-Page “Inter-Changeability Chart”, 8-Page Tube Chart Supplement 625-08 and 4 page type CRA picture tube adapter test adapter instructions. 59 page Tube Test Data is dated January 1978 and is latest version available, includes many tubes not on tester’s roll chart. Tube test data was enlarged from 5×7″ booklet.