Hallicrafters TW-500 TW-600 S-93 4-Band Portable Service Instructions




For sale is reprint of Hallicrafters TW-500, TW-600 and S-93 4-band portable service instructions. Manual is 10 pages long and includes 11″x17″ circuit diagram foldout. Manual is dated 1955. Manual covers TW-500 Run 1, 2 and 2A, TW-600 Run 1 and 1A and S-93 Run1.

Manual consists of sections: Technical specifications, Removal of chassis from Cabinet, Alignment Instructions, Alignment Procedure. Illustrations of top and bottom of receiver with arrows pointing to all parts and detailed part list. This manual is a must if you are restoring TW-500/600 or S-93. “TW-500 “World-Wide” Portable radio 5 tubes, covering 0,17-.415MHz and .53-18MHz, IF 455kHz. AC/DC/battery. TW-600 is identical radio except brown case, S-93’s case is Gray.”